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Posted on 5. March 2015

Caregiving for the Caregiver

Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett was used to her role as a patient with her husband acting as caregiver. Then, recently, her husband became ill and their roles suddenly reversed [More]
Posted on 19. February 2015

What to Expect During a Complete Neurological Exam and Workup

Symptoms of neuropathy depend on both the type of nerves affected and the mechanism that causes damage to the nerves. Here is a handy checklist to discuss with your neurologist during an exam and workup [More]
Posted on 5. February 2015

Is an Infusion Port Right for You?

Getting an infusion port can make IG treatment easier, but the decision comes with risks. IG Living Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett shares her story [More]
Posted on 22. January 2015

Weaning IVIG Therapy for CIDP

Weaning patients with CIDP off IVIG therapy begins with assessing the odds that there will be a relapse if the dose is lowered, but several other factors must be considered. Michelle Greer, RN, MBA, explains [More]
Posted on 8. January 2015

Staying Positive with Chronic Illness

As both a patient advocate and a CVID patient, Abbie Cornett is often asked how she copes and stays positive. Abbie asserts that remaining positive isn’t something that just that happens; it is a decision she has to make every day [More]
Posted on 19. December 2014

Embracing What Is

Chronic illness changes life in many ways. For this patient, acceptance and mindfulness lead to hope, self-awareness and even a new career path. [More]
Posted on 4. December 2014

Managing IVIG Therapy for CIDP

Many patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) are treated with intravenous immune globulin (IVIG). But, treatment plans can vary greatly and are influenced by a variety of factors. [More]
Posted on 21. November 2014

Let It Out

Let It Out - A poem - By Rachael Watson
Time is spent wondering, waiting, wishing, whilst emotions overflow...
No matter how hard I try, sometimes progress will be slow...
The most frightening moment of my life, happened a year ago today... [More]
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