Special Advertising Opportunities

Companies have a variety of advertising options to choose from, including run-of-book or special placement advertisements on a one-time or more frequent basis (for discounted rates). Other advertising opportunities include inserts, belly bands, poly bags, custom posters and reprints. Whatever your needs, IG Living can accommodate them!

Multiple opportunities maximize your marketing impact:

Product Directory

In each issue, display advertisers have an opportunity to promote their products for free in a minidirectory that includes a 100-word description and photo.

Belly Bands

Ideal for a product, service or special announcement. The band wraps around the entire magazine and must be removed before reading.


Insert your pre-printed materials next to IG Living magazine and packaged in a poly bag. It will be the first material readers will see.

Custom Posters

We can economically print your advertising content in the poster size of your choice that can be displayed or mounted and UV-coated.

Electronic and Paper Reprints

Integrate reprints of your IG Living ads and/or editorial content in your promotional campaigns, and drive your audience to learn about the only publication targeting the IG community.

Online Presence Advertising

728x90 Web Banner Advertisement Option

728x90 Website Banner Ad
 Positioned at the top of every page.
 Only one spot available.

Annual Traffic:

Advertisement options online annual traffic
eMagazine Advertising

Cost-effective, full- and half-page advertisements are available in the online version of IG Living.

Ad options emagazine

(As an added value, all advertisements in the print magazine are automatically included in the online version)

Additional Option:
Product video
embedded in eMagazine.
* Video provided by company

eNewsletter Advertising
Ad options enewsletter 12,000 subscribers

The IG Living eNewsletter is the fastest way to engage your audience with your message. Advertising in our eNewsletter will boost your website traffic and expose your organization to thousands of people.

Available Ad Units:
 300 x 250
 468 x 60

Available Print Ad Options

17.75" x 6"
wrap-around, full color.Ad Print Options Bellyband
Gatefold Ad: If a typical spread is simply not
enough to satisfy your needs, the extra
space is the perfect complement to a great idea.
Ad Print Options Gatefold Ad
Ad Print Options French Door Cover French Door Cover: Allows you to take advantage of the front cover's powerful impact. The overlap draws upon the reader's curiosity, demanding that it be opened.
Inserts: Inserts can be inserted loosely, tipped into the magazine using releasable glue or stitched in during the binding process.
Ad Print Options Inserts
Contact for Advertising Strategy

Available Print Ad Sizes

Ad Specifications Full Spread
Ad Specifications Full Page
Ad Specifications 2/3, Half, 1/4 Page
Ad Specifications 1/3 & 1/6 Page

Advertising Rates

  1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
Full-Page Cover Ads
1-Page Cover 2 $9,250 $9,150 $9,000 $8,800 $8,550 $8,250
2-Page Cover 2 $12,750 $12,650 $12,500 $12,300 $12,050 $11,750
4-Page Cover 2 Gatefold $23,585 $23,400 $23,125 $22,755 $22,295 $21,735
1-Page Cover 3 $8,250 $8,150 $8,000 $7,800 $7,550 $7,250
2-Page Cover 3 $11,750 $11,650 $11,500 $11,300 $11,050 $10,750
4-Page Cover 3 Gatefold $21,735 $19,400 $19,150 $18,815 $18,400 $17,900
1-Page Cover 4 $10,000 $9,900 $9,750 $9,550 $9,300 $9,000
Full-Page ROB Ads
1-Page ROB $7,000 $6,900 $6,750 $6,550 $6,300 $6,000
2-Page ROB $10,000 $9,900 $9,750 $9,550 $9,300 $9,000
3-Page ROB $14,250 $12,750 $12,500 $12,250 $12,000 $11,750
4-Page ROB $18,500 $16,475 $16,235 $15,900 $15,485 $14,985
5-Page ROB $22,750 $20,370 $21,960 $19,555 $19,050 $18,425
  1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
Smaller ROB Ads
1/2 Page $4,500 $4,410 $4,320 $4,230 $4,150 $4,070
1/3 Page $3,400 $3,330 $3,260 $3,190 $3,125 $3,060
1/4 Page $2,300 $2,255 $2,200 $2,165 $2,120 $2,075
1/6 Page $1,200 $1,175 $1,150 $1,125 $1,015 $995

Special Placement Pricing: $500

Gatefold Specs:
Spread left hand page: 8.375" x 10.5" (actual trim size)
Spread right hand page: 8.125" x 10.5" (1/4" smaller width than trim size)
Gatefold ap: 7.875" x 10.5" (1/2" smaller width than trim size)

Specialty Inserts:
Dimensions to be provided upon request.

Advertising Specifications

Ad Submission Guidelines

Please submit your ad as a high-resolution (minimum 300 DPI) PDF in CMYK format, with all fonts embedded. Computer-to-plate, web-offset on 70# gloss book stock (text) and 100# coated cover stock (cover). Perfect bound. Color: CMYK process.

To submit online, go to:

Contact information:

Ronale Rhodes
951.296.2500 ext. 1362


Colors must be converted to CMYK process. Total density should not exceed 300%. We recommend a color proof accompany your ad. We cannot assume responsibility for digital ads supplied without a color proof.

Type size

We cannot guarantee the legibility of reversed type under 10pt.

* IG Living is published every two months