Reader Teleconference:
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 4pm PT.

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Topic: IVIG updates for 2018
Guest Speaker: Leslie J. Vaughan, RPh

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Let's Talk: Julian Vilaranda

Julian Vilaranda, who was diagnosed with PANDAS in 2015, continued to be plagued by symptoms despite treatments. Now, with IVIG therapy, he is showing positive change, and he and his family have hope for his future.... more

Product Guide

Exploring the Allure of Aromatherapy

When you live with primary immunodeficiency (PI), medication regimens and treatment plans are typically deeply rooted in traditional medical science. This is why being offered an alternative treatment like aromatherapy tends to be dismissed at first glance as unhelpful or even silly. But, not so fast.... more

Ask the Experts

Reader: Does Chemotherapy Cause Long-Term Low IgG Levels?

Leslie: Cladribine does cause a reduction in both T cells and B cells, so it would make sense you would have low IgG levels around the time of chemotherapy. While we were unable to locate articles that discuss the long-term reduction of B cells secondary to the use of cladribine, there is a lot of... more

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