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Aug - Sep 2018

Homecare and Hospice Services for the Chronically Ill

Home is where the heart is, and given the choice, most people would prefer to stay at home than be confined to a hospital or skilled nursing facility to receive medical care. Additionally, risk of infection is frequently better controlled in a patient's own environment than in a novel setting with other sick individuals, despite earnest control measures. Fortunately, there are oftentimes available options for patients to do both: remain at home and receive the healthcare or personal care assistance they require.... full article

A Guide to Health Insurance Terminology and Appeals

For the chronically ill, access to care can be challenging, frequently the result of misunderstanding health insurance language, benefits and appeals. Without full understanding of terms commonly used in policies, patients may have difficulty choosing a plan that best meets their individual needs or comprehending what a plan covers. And, because chronic illnesses often require expensive medications and more than one specialist, an uninformed choice regarding insurance could cost patients a lot of money or, worse yet, leave them without care. So, while taking the time to learn... full article

Practicing Self-Care Without Guilt

Living with a chronic illness can be extremely difficult. You may struggle with feelings of anxiety, loss of control of your own body, pain, anger and exhaustion. All of these feelings are normal and expected, and most individuals find this range of emotions is all part of the "new normal." In the midst of all of this upheaval, it is also common to face feelings of guilt when it becomes necessary to prioritize your own needs over everyone else's demands. Yet, doing so is... full article

Plasma: A Finite Resource with Infinite Value

Try to name an injectable drug or biopharmaceutical avail-able more than 30 years, whose prescribing activity has increased year after year without interruption - including a doubling in demand over the last decade. If you came up with polyvalent human immune globulin (IG) - which comprises intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) and essentially the same product for-mulated for subcutaneous delivery (SCIG) - you are correct... full article

Plasma Fractionation: The Challenge of Keeping Pace with Global IG Demand

Plasma has been a valuable resource and lifesaving therapy since it was first used on the battlefields during World War II. Through science and technology, the use of plasma products has expanded to treat many diseases. Today, millions of people rely on a safe and continuous supply of plasma to manufacture products that have a positive impact on their lives... full article