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Posted on 18. September 2014

2nd Place Essay Contest Winner - The Other Side of the Knife

Second place essay contest winner Andrea G. Witlin was a high-risk obstetrician covering labor and delivery before her diagnosis sidelined her career. Her winning essay describes her journey and her loss [More]
Posted on 29. August 2014

Specialty Tiers and the Chronically Ill

Patient advocate Abbie Cornett recently attended a webinar on the effects of specialty tiers and access to care for chronically ill patients. In today’s blog, she reports on her findings. [More]
Posted on 17. July 2014

Creating Connections

The recent BIO International 2014 conference offered helpful insights about drug developments that show great promise for the improved health of patients with debilitating rare diseases. Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett reports. [More]
Posted on 3. October 2013

Update: Disneyland No Longer Issuing Disabled Passes

As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” And this time, that saying rings true for the Disneyland disabled pass. Sadly, it is no longer. What’s your take on this controversy? [More]
Posted on 9. May 2013

Angels In Action

When navigating the world of chronic illness, from diagnosis to filing insurance claims, patients often benefit from having support team in place. Often, these individuals are like angels in disguise. [More]
Posted on 5. July 2012

From Teacher to Advocate

Meet Annaben Kazemi, IG Living’s new Patient Advocate. Annaben is a former teacher who brings a wealth of insight and personal experience to our team. Send her your questions – she’s ready to meet and interact with our IG Living readers! [More]